Our Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Feeling responsible about social issues and difficulties is considered as one of the most important tasks of any reputable company and organization towards the community, because without such a view, the growth and development of the organization as a part of the society will be diminished. Assisting and resolving people's issues as a member of the community will help to take bigger and more stable steps towards a brighter future in a more prosperous and vibrant environment.

School Construction

As Faratarh Steel Co. feels responsible towards the children of Iran, has put school construction and quality level of children’s education among its main objectives. Because they believe that education is the first and the most important cultural, economic, and scientific infrastructure of any society. Today’s classes and educational spaces will determine our world and our country’s future. School will provide the basic steps of the educational ladder outside the family environment. School is the main part of life of all children whom the future of this world is in their hands; if we pave the way for their education today, they will pave the way for tomorrow.

Maintaining Employee Safety during the Corona Outbreak

From the time of Corona virus outbreak by considering the consequences that this disease had for all people in Iran and all over the world, including the employees of Faratarh Steel Company, this company considered itself obliged to maintain the health and safety of its employees and the health of society by taking effective actions. The most important actions that they have taken within the organization are the possibility of teleworking for employees, providing health support packages for employees in quarantine, distributing sanitizers and masks continuously among colleagues, and developing and updating protocols constantly.
Furthermore, Faratarh Steel Company has also repeatedly provided different sanitary items and equipment for public use, especially in the provinces most affected by Corona disease.